June 17, 2014

Blogging and beyond with Harini Prakash

Known in some circles as 'Sunshinemom', Harini Prakash is a full time government employee and mother to two teenagers. Her love for photography has had her moonlighting as a photographer and blogger in her spare time. She hopes to get into professional food photography very soon.

One of Harini's childhood dreams was to learn magic. She feels the closest  she has come to being a magician is when she creates recipes and captures the taste and feel in her camera . Harini is vegan and her website Tongueticklers features allergy friendly and healthy alternatives of traditional lacto-ovo vegetarian foods for a plant based diet. 

Harini has a beautiful blog and her recipes and food photographs have been featured in many online and print magazines.. Her website has received the recommendation of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.  

We are delighted to have Harini share this passion of hers at IFBM. She will be on the panel sharing her experience of developing a passion towards an alternative future career and about the opportunities that can develop out of it. If you too hope to someday develop your photography skills into a full time career Harini's experience will definitely inspire you! Register yourself to attend IFBM and catch this session.