June 16, 2014

What to expect at IFBM 2014

When we planned to organise the Indian Food Bloggers Meet, we wanted it to be an exciting event that gave bloggers the opportunity to share their passion for all things food, exchange ideas and listen to inspiring talks. We wanted it to be an event that would go beyond meeting and eating :) Apart from being the first ever national gathering of food bloggers, we wanted it to be a meaningful and insightful experience that would hopefully add a generous helping of inspiration and loads of value for every blogger who is attending it.

We reached out to friends from within and outside the food blogger community — people who we have known as inspiring, accomplished bloggers, to come share their stories in different capacities — and we have been extremely fortuntate to have virtually every one of them respond favourably. 

We’re delighted to share the entire lineup at IFBM 2014 with you today. Here’s a sneak peek at what the agenda for 1st and 2nd August 2014 looks like.

Food Styling
The best blogs that lure us back time and again are usually the ones with food that looks stunning. And to tell you how to make your food look good, styled to the T and eye-catching, Deeba Rajpal will be sharing her tips and tricks about food styling. Talking about her own distinct style of impeccable beautiful set-ups and a penchant for food props, Deeba will tell us what inspires her and what you too can do to achieve great results with just a little effort and attention. 

Food Photography
When you’re a food blogger, just making your food look good isn’t enough. You have to make your food photograph well too. Aparna Balasubramanian is a food photographer par excellence, and all of us who frequent her blog will agree that her pictures form an important part of the story her blog tells. Aparna will be joining us to share some basic and simple principles of food photography and how to shoot better looking pictures.

Food Writing
Good food writing is what makes some blogs more memorable than others. If you’re the kind of blogger that bookmarks a post as much for the story it tells, as the recipe it shares, then you will enjoy this session by Rushina M Ghildiyal. After the successful release of her first cookbook, A Pinch of This, A Handful of That, Rushina will be talking to us about how to make every blog post compelling and the kind that will be memorable in your reader’s minds.

Cookbook Publishing
Many of us secretly nurture a dream to write a cookbook, to write out a food story that’s waiting to be told and share our words and thoughts about food. But the thought of putting it out there, finding a publisher and carving out an audience, is intimidating and holds many of us back. Aparna Jain, author of the recently-published book, The Sood Family Cookbook, will be joining us to share her journey from self-published author to cookbook writer, telling you how you can make it happen too.

SEO and Social Media Marketing
Most of us and our blogs are nothing without the heaps of love and attention we get online, via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like. Nandita Iyer well known food blogger, columnist and culinary trainer, along with SEO Expert Ashish Verma will share with you the best social media tools out there, how you can use them and harness their potential to take your food blog to the next level.

Beyond blogging
This session is a panel discussion that brings a host of bloggers from various backgrounds to one common table. Each of these bloggers have successfully taken their passion for food and blogging to the next level by branching out into a unique and niche field. Whether it is commercial photography, food styling for food/culinary brands, or culinary training, cultural food walks or cookbookwriting — this discussion will give you a glimpse into the stories of some of these bloggers we know and applaud for steering their careers to new directions.

Apart from these sessions, the Indian Bloggers Meet will also include the following:
Wine AppreciationAneesh Bhasin from Hipcask will give you a flavour of the various kinds of wine there are to be had, a gist about pairing and techniques — minus the snob value usually associated with wine!

Exclusive Book Launch Harper Collins will be joining us to launch their new cookbook Spice Sorcery, by Husna Rahman, with a chance to talk to the author and grab your very own copy!

KitchenAid Masterclass — More than just stand-mixers, KitchenAid will be joining us in an exclusive MasterClass that will display three of their leading appliances, and the marvelous ways in which you can use them in your kitchen to transform your goodies!