June 14, 2014

Blogging and beyond with Sanjeeta KK

Sanjeeta KK began her online journey with a strong passion for food, a few recipes, a pocket size camera and a tiny URL: Lite Bite was launched in 2009 and since then Sanjeeta has found this platform to be the perfect place to string the beads of happiness together and keep her passion alive. 

In her words, "Working on my blog has taught me pick up new skill sets - digital food photography and food styling, to name a few. From managing my food blog, I gradually moved on to do commercial food styling assignments in Chennai. I have successfully completed projects for many popular restaurants, brands and television commercials over the last couple of years." 
While Sanjeeta's career in food styling has taken off on a successful path, her Lite Bite continues to thrive, featuring vegetarian recipes. Her quest for egg free baking and healthy cooking is extensively shared though all her recipes, most of which are easy and accessible. She likes to share stories behind the origin of her recipes, and speaking about homemade, unprocessed and healthy food is what she strives for each day.
She defines food as nostalgic, comforting and an important factor to connect with people and make community. We're delighted to have Sanjeeta on our panel who will be discussing how they took their blogs to new heights by venturing into new territory and embracing career changes. If you have wanted to switch streams and want to hear of others who did the same, you don't want to miss this session. Join us at IFBM 2014, register yourself today!