June 23, 2014

Food Photography with Aparna Balasubramanian

If you've been a food blogger long enough, Aparna's blog -- My Diverse Kitchen -- embellished with her trademark minimalistic, gorgeous food pictures, needs no introduction. And if you've marveled at her photography skills for many years now, this session will particularly interest you.

 Did you know that Aparna’s interest in photography developed only after she started writing a food blog in 2007. Her first set of photographs, taken with an inexpensive point and shoot camera and very little understanding of photography left her deeply dissatisfied with her efforts. A desire to create better photographs had her doing vast amounts of reading and enrolling for a basic photography class to understand the concepts. Realizing the limitations of a point and shoot, she moved to using a dSLR. With a lot of practice and through much trial and error (a lot of error!), she has come far on her journey with photography. And her pictures today, are testimony to this journey of learning.

Aparna is predominantly a food photographer but also loves taking pictures of people and life on the streets and just about anything that catches her interest. She particularly enjoys black and white photography in food and life for the variety of textures it reveals through shadow play. She has done a large number of interior shoots for homestays, been a food stylist for Prasad Pankar and has also conducted workshops on photography. She has also exhibited her work, won an award and sells her images.

If there is anything written about food these days, it is almost always accompanied by a photograph. The truth is that before we actually eat our food, we have already “tasted” it with our eyes. Our visual perception of food and the way it is presented, has largely changed the way we look at our food. As food bloggers, we are acutely aware of this fact, and are constantly working on bettering our food photography in order to enhance the experience our readers have when they hop over to our blogs. Once you've got a hold on Food Styling, you can take things up a notch by bettering your Food Photographs as well. 

Aparna will talk about what is important in the making of a good food photograph. If you want to know what makes a good food photograph, learn some basic tricks and tips, and embark on a similar journey, this session will be of immense value. We're extremely grateful that apart from lending her time and effort in organising this meet, Aparna will also be speaking at IFBMeet 2014!