June 4, 2014

The Indian Food Bloggers Meet

The Indian Food Bloggers Meet (informally referred to as IFBMeet) is the first ever meet of its kind, of Indian food bloggers, and the effort of four food bloggers living in different parts of India. The idea behind the IFBMeet popped up somewhere in 2010/ 2011 during routine conversation between two friends and food bloggers, Arundati (Escapades) and Aparna (My Diverse Kitchen). They thought that it was time for food bloggers from around the country to get together as a community, meet one another and put faces to the many Indian food blogs.

That idea kept bubbling on the back burner, coming out of the pot when it would get discussed, on and off over the next couple of years. Sometime in late 2013, the idea featured once again in conversation, this time when talking to another friend and food blogger, Revati (Hungry & Excited).
Then one warm afternoon, the three of them met for lunch under some coconut palms not far from a beautiful sandy beach in Goa and the idea was put down on paper. A fourth friend, Nandita (Saffron Trail), also a food blogger joined the discussion and the IFBMeet was born.
The purpose of the IFBMeet is to bring together food bloggers from across India at one venue so that they can interact with others in the community who enjoy food and blogging about it, and also make the Meet an enjoyable, interesting and learning experience for those who attend.