June 27, 2014

Social Media for Food Bloggers with Nandita Iyer

Nandita Iyer has been a food blogger (saffrontrail.com) since 2006, well before 'food-blogging' was a thing in India. She is very active on social media and has a legendary twitter following that benefits from her tweets on food, nutrition and beyond. According to Nandita, several valuable personal and professional associations have been formed via the various social media platforms she is active on. These have translated into many professional engagements and she regularly writes columns and research oriented food and nutrition stories for several magazines and newspapers. Her blog has been featured in several leading publications, Business Today, The Hindu, Mint, Afternoon Despatch and Courier being a few of them. 

Nandita will speak at the IFBMeet on "Social Media for Food Bloggers" The session will attempt to answer questions on why social media is important to food bloggers. She will share with you the best tools you can use to promote your work, how best to use each medium, what platform works most effectively in each of the instances, building a follower base so that what you say is heard by more number of people, etc. 

Why social media? And more importantly, how can social media can fuel your blogging experience are some of the questions that bloggers grapple with. 

As food bloggers, your work needs to be shared and promoted. You are your own PR machinery. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram helps bloggers in distributing their content. These platforms are an essential part of a blogger's identity and hence need to be nurtured. 

During her talk, Nandita will share with the audience, the best tools to be used to promote your work. How best to use each medium and what platform works best in varied instances and are some of the questions many food bloggers have which will find answers in this session. 

How do you build a follower base on Facebook and Twitter so what you say is heard by more number of people. This is another useful secret that will be shared. What do food bloggers stand to gain by being a prominent voice on social media? Nandita will explain from her personal experiences and instances about using social media effectively. 

She will also outline for you a basic social media plan for your blog. The session, she promises, will be fun, useful and practical and very hands-on! 
Strike gold by creating your own unique experience on social media. Join us at IFBMeet 2014 in Bangalore this August.

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