June 12, 2014

Food-o-graphy with Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal ~ Food writer, stylist and recipe developer blogs at www.passionateaboutbaking.com and literally needs no introduction. We're glad to have her conduct a session on Food Styling titled Food-o-graphy at IFBM 2014!

Deeba describes herself as an obsessed baker and cook, a 'locavore' by design, who enjoys getting food to the table with seasonal ingredients and local produce. 

Give her an ingredient, offer her an idea ... that's enough for the magic to begin! Thoughts flow, the lens focuses and she begins to dream!

Deeba has been writing her food blog since Aug 2007 made her move from just baking, to baking and taking pictures. Then came the abundant inspiration from the magical internet. Styling the food for the lens became second nature and stuff her dreams are made up of.

In her own words "I want to tell my story, and most of the time it is through pictures with some words to tie the post together! I am seldom lost for inspiration as seasons, colours, ingredients, people all inspire me. When I hit a road block, you will probably find me at Pinterest."

Those of you who have seen and admired Deeba's beautiful blog and her stunning pictures make sure you're joining us at IFBM 2014, to get some tips, tricks and some ideas about styling and photography with Deeba. Register yourself today!