June 23, 2014

Secrets of SEO with Ashish Verma

The reticent Ashish Verma is passionate about start-ups and scaling them fast. His extensive experience and understanding of the marketing need of start-ups and small and mid size business enterprises is a channel for this passion. Ashish is always open to new ideas and is keen on exploring how learning from one industry can be applied to other industry.

It is with this spirit that he was excited to share his insights on SEO and how to use it in blog building at the IFBMeet 2014. 

Ashish is digital strategist & consultant by profession. E commerce, Strategic business development,Online advertising/monetization, Social Media, Brand management, Media planning & buying are his specialties. His expertise is in Digital Marketing and Sales. His success stories include the much recognised Indian start-ups such as Myntra & Olacabs.  Currently he leads digital Media strategy at Ogilvy in Bangalore. 

For all those who have grappled with SEO and other technical stuff that makes blogs more effective with their audiences, Ashish will demystify and simplify the concepts. He has successfully applied innovative strategies to drive online channels such as SEM, SEO, Affiliate, E-Mail & Mobile marketing. Data driven behaviour and understanding the customer need are some of the areas that he cover which will help make blogs more reachable. He will also address how consistent brand imaging & positioning among the internet audience is important. 

Ashish has MBA in Marketing & Strategy from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.When taking break from work, he loves to travel.