July 23, 2014

Contest Updates!

Are your culinary grey cells working overtime? Have you taken a close look at all the goodies that are up for grabs? All you need to do is do what you do best -- cook at home, create recipes, and share them on your blogs. Just that easy. And you have not one, but multiple contests to participate in and increase your chances of going home with a fantastic prize. Here's a quick recap and some important updates on the contests:

1) The KitchenAid India Plum Challenge closes at 10 pm on 25th July 2014. Many of you have sent in your entries, some have sent up to four posts. We're loving the enthusiasm. Any last minute entries you may have, must come in now! You can also include any older post you may have created using plums -- so send them in soon.

2) The Urban Dazzle Monsoon/Summer Mocktail/Cocktail Contest requires you to create a delicious cocktail/mocktail suitable for the exclusive selection of Urban Dazzle glassware. Check out the post for more details on how you can participate. Send in your entries soon, because there are three hampers and two consolation prizes to be won! This contest closes at 11 pm on 28th July 2014.

3) The Freedom Tree Baking Challenge gives you the chance to win a hamper of bake ware, from the delightfully happy and colourful Freedom Tree collection. You want to win this one, because Freedom Tree kitchen goodies make excellent food props. And good food props make wonderful food pictures. And wonderful food pictures make great food blogs. So you need to bake something special and win this one. See this post for more details. Rush, because the contest closes at 10 pm on 30th July 2014.