July 29, 2014

Meet Our Sponsors - Paperboat Juices

You've seen their vibrant juice pouches dotting stores across India and taking your appetite for fresh juices by storm. And if you need a quick swig of refreshing juice on your way back from IFBM, you only have to reach into your goodie bag, because you will also take back a selection of these quirky, refreshing Paperboat Juices.

Any drink can be made to taste good. Or feel nutritious. But how many drinks tell a story? Because when companies get together and dole out a drink to the parched populace, it’s practicality. But when history and geography conspire to make a drink favoured through the ages, that’s destiny.

A culmination of efforts. Modified through trial and error. Perfected with every passing age. From a king’s royal cook to a soldier’s flask to a peace offering made by warring clans to a mother conjuring something special for her son’s return to a grand celebration of harvest. Everyone had something to contribute. And it’s their additions (and subtractions) that ultimately made their way into food carts in village fairs.

And while we’ve all experienced the joy of tasting these drinks at these carts at one point or the other, we’ve also experienced the often awful gastronomical aftermath of these little joys.

Paperboat’s inspiration lies in emulating these tastes and experiences standing tall on a benchmark of hygiene and safety. Getting the good moments out to you while avoiding the unpleasant bits. It all began when four history buffs (and
beverage buffs!) met over to have lunch on a hot Indian summer, armed with a flask of delicious homemade aampanna.
Among the four of these history (and beverage!) enthusiasts, one was quickly taken by the
idea of commercializing this raw mango ale.

"I want to commercialize this raw mango ale", says the man from the far away, hitherto
unknown land. "Aye!" the remaining trio heartily agree. "Woof!" goes the company dog who
the narrator of this tale forgot to mention until now.

And thus began the journey of Paper Boat. A journey of going back in time and bringing to fore, liquid traditions. Drinks, that the many civilizations of this subcontinent inspired. Drinks, that are
practical and delicious. Drinks, that are a product of generations of trial and error. Drinks, that are sadly being lost to the excesses of urban life.

The hope is that Paper Boat can send these drinks, these culinary messages to those who have never tasted such concoctions. And of course to those, who long for the days gone by. Of homemade Aamras, Jaljeera, Kokum, Aampanna, Kala Khatta and many other secret recipes.

Official website: www.paperboatdrinks.com
Twitter handle: @paperboatdrinks
Exclusive site to purchase Paperboat Juices: http://shoppaperboat.com/