July 11, 2014

Spice Sorcery by Husna Rahaman – A HarperCollins Publication Launch

You would have seen our post where we announced that HarperCollins India are one of our sponsors and will be sending home one of their cookbooks with every food blogger attending the Indian Food Bloggers Meet in Bangalore.

We’re pleased to announce that HarperCollins India will also be launching their latest cookbook “Spice Sorcery” by Husna Rahaman, at the Indian Food Bloggers Meet. Food bloggers, who will be joining us at Bangalore for the Meet, will get an opportunity to meet and interact with the author, Ms Husna Rahaman and get an insight into the story behind her cookbook, and the recipes in it.

Spice Sorcery is a cookbook with a difference. It is an intimate and mouth-watering insight into the homes and hearts of the Kutchi Memon community – an idiosyncratic people who put a curiously gigantic premium on the gift of taste. The book is replete with stories blended with spices, love stewed with lentils, scandals folded into the dough.

Spice Sorcery is also the story of Razia, the quintessential Memon girl. She uses food to open doors in her life – waving a magic wand, her favourite wooden ladle. Her recipes are likened to magic spells. An apt enough description if you consider how she wields that ladle to enchant a diverse cast of characters: her food-obsessed uncle Munavvar, her autocratic mother-in-law Shakira and her emotionally strained sister-in-law Rabia. Razia’s bewitching tale is steeped in delectable recipes, and sprinkled with little secrets that will bring the smells and flavour of her Kutchi Memon cooking right into your kitchen.
Husna Rahaman has included over 50 Kutchi Memon style recipe which recipes for Khatta Saalan, Kheema Khabargah, Khekda Shorba, Shikampur Kebabs, Sheer Khurma, Dum ke Phaal,  Roti ka Meetha, Mutanjan, Tamatar ka Kut, Moong Dal ki Kachchi Biryani, Anday ka Khana and Rote , to mention a few.

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  1. This lady was so charismatic. I had my mouth wide open when listening to her.