July 26, 2014

Meet our Sponsors - Picgravy

Who wouldn't like to have a personalised keepsake? The folks at Picgravy set out to make our fridges and other magnetic surfaces special by turning photographs into magnets. We are delighted to have them as one of the sponsors contributing to our goodie bag. 

digital agency based out of Delhi NCR, engaged in various creative products, Picgravy is one of their flagship social products which enable users to create lovable physical products using various social platforms. PicGravy gives you more ways to share Facebook and Instagram images! All one has to do is upload and order beautiful photo magnets in just a few clicks. You’ll love your pictures even more when you can display them as full color magnets!
Their range of creative magnets are perfect for displaying your photos on any magnetic surface so you can create a collage on your refrigerator or in your cubical. Whether you keep a set for yourself or give them as a gift, these photo magnets are sure to be liked by everyone.
Each magnet is square, giving you the freedom to get creative and make fun patterns that are easy to rearrange, whether that means lining them up neatly or spacing them out to make funky shapes. Sharing your favorite moments with friends and family is easy when you give these magnets as a gift.
Choose from facebook pictures, Instagram images or even make a grid of your favourite landscape. Space the magnets out for an interesting effect or use them on a child's magnetic board and mix the pieces up to create a fun puzzle.
They also have a fun "Keep calm and create your own phrases" range of magnets Whether you use them to create a funny message to hand out to your friends or you create inspirational reminders for yourself, these magnets are a great way to get your message across.
You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and twitter