July 31, 2014

Meet our Sponsors - IFBM 2014 brought to you by Himalayan

We are excited to announce our other principal partner - Sparkling Himalayan, the newest offering from Himalayan Natural Mineral water. It is India's first Sparkling Water brand.

When you go abroad, you're often asked at restaurants - Still water or sparkling water? Himalayan is all set to start this trend in India.

Himalayan is the only natural mineral water brand to enjoy accreditations from renowned institutes 
across the world including Institut De Fresinius, US FDA and the Health Ministries of Japan & France. 
The Himalayan consumer is one with a discerning taste and desire to imbibe nature’s goodness in his 
body daily with every sip of water consumed.

Sparkling Himalayan is a natural, mineral enriched water made refreshing with the addition of mild 
carbonation to add a sparkle to life! Each sip of Sparkling Himalayan enriches the palate with a cool, 
distinct taste.

The goodness of Himalayan natural water is further enriched and gets an unforgettable twist to the 
palate with a unique taste and look. With mild carbonation levels, Sparkling Himalayan goes down 
smoothly refreshing and revitalizing with every sip. It offers an elegant and refreshing taste for the 
most discerning palates. Sparkling Himalayan is available for sale and also can be found at your favourite restaurants and Taj properties across Delhi & Mumbai.

You'll also get to have a taste of Sparkling Himalayan at #IFBM2014

Twitter: @_Himalayan