July 24, 2014

Meet Our Sponsors - Hipcask

Hipcask is a mobile app that lists Indian wines, imported wines available in India, premium beers and whiskies. With a database of over 1100 wines, beers and whiskies, the app will allow you to learn more about your beverage of choice with extensive tasting notes, retail prices and availability (in popular restaurants across the county). You will also be able to share your tasting notes and favourites with your friends on social media of your choice.

Good food always adds to the entire drinking experience which is why Hipcask also offers users a curated pairings list at top restaurants in cities. Hipcask also produces top quality content relating to wines and spirits, including infographics and videos which supplements the app very well. 

Wine & Food Pairing Guide

From Pastas to Biryani, the app has wine and food pairings for cuisines from around the world 
You can browse their exhaustive catalog of over 1100 wines, beers and whiskies available in the country from Nashik to Bordeaux to Islay.
The app is currently available for iOS and soon will also be available for Android powered devices.

Hipcask brings to the participants of IFBM2014 some fine wines to go with the lunch on day 1 of the event. We would not like to reveal more details on the wine as of now, we would leave that to Aneesh Bhasin, one of the founders, who will be around to guide us on the wines. Aneesh will also be having a session on wine appreciation.

Website: hipcask.com
Twitter: @hipcask
Download the free app from itunes