July 21, 2014

Meet Our Sponsors - Food Tribe

Ever wondered if there was a place to buy handmade, preservative free goodies for your family and friends? FoodTribe in Bangalore does just that.

It is an online, alternative food store selling food that is completely preservative-free and are made by passionate foodies who are highly established within cities as independent food entrepreneurs. The site provides a platform for independent food producers, aspiring chefs or home makers who create fresh and authentic food products to present their creations to the retail audience online. Most of these products are not available in retail stores thus making FoodTribe a 'go-to' place for preservative-free, artisanal foods.

Every month, they have an exclusive Binge Box.  It comprises of the choicest food crafted by home chefs across India. Shortlisted exclusively for the culinary specialist that we all secretly love being. These boxes are freshly put together every month with handmade goodies. You can check out the month's specials on their website
FoodTribe brings to the participants a parcel of a few of their best goodies, that you can take back to your family. What those goodies are, you will have to wait to peek into your goodie bag on 2nd August!!
Website: foodtribe.in
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodTribe
Twitter: @foodtribeindia