July 25, 2014

Wine appreciation by Aneesh Bhasin

Image: Nandita Iyer

Food and wine, often go hand in hand. As a foodblogger, it is good to know a few basics about the types of wine, what wines pair well with what kind of food and so on. Of course, bonus wine-snob points if you know how to pronounce some of the French wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier

Aneesh Bhasin will be conducting this session on wine appreciation that aims to take the snob factor out of wine tasting and drinking. "If you like food, you will most likely enjoy wines as well since wine is also about flavours and technique, just like cooking," he says. 

Aneesh is award winning photographer and the co founder of Hipcask, India’s first wine focused smart phone app and consumer platform. With over 7 years of experience in lifestyle photography, his love for travel and wines gave him a first hand perspective on wine consumption around the world and the emerging market in India. His keen understanding of the potential for the Indian wine industry and its need to engage with its consumers in a hard liquor dominated market made him realize the potential for a platform such as Hipcask.