July 30, 2014

Meet our sponsors: India Food Network | Ping Network

India Food Network is your step by step guide to simple and delicious home cooking. From regional Indian cuisine to popular dishes from around the globe, their focus is to make cooking easy. This is the best platform for home-chefs and foodbloggers to explore sharing content in video form.
With quick tips you can keep in mind and quick tricks when you are running against time, these recipes go down to the basics, so you cook the perfect dish sitting in your home, anywhere! Currently they have about 46,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel and close to 7 million views.

Watch their promo here!
PING Network is a Mumbai based, multi­channel broadcast network, catering to digital audiences globally. They are content partners with Google and are currently creating original content for primary roll-­out on YouTube.

PING is focussed on the infotainment space and is targeted at younger audiences globally who are consuming on devices as well as via the digital pipe on large screen televisions.

PING Network currently has over 75 million views across 105 channel categories which include food, lifestyle, entertainment and news.

India Food Network have a special gift for all the attendees, which we promise will be of great use to you. We would like to keep this a suspense until Saturday, because we want to see the excitement on your faces, when you receive this one!

Twitter: @infoodnetwork