July 22, 2014

Meet Our Sponsors - Foodhall

If there's one thing that's bound to get a food-blogger all excited, it is spices. And when these spices are from the Spice Station of Foodhall, you will go WOW!

The spice station is in collaboration with ASA Copenhagens spice specialists. ASA (pronounced as the hindi word, "asha") specializes in retailing of high-quality, fresh, organic herbs and spices, sourced directly from producers. After importing them straight from source, ASA inspects, grades and selects the best for grinding, blending and selling to their customers. ASA's aim is to guide and inspire people in healthy and innovative ways of cooking with the finest organic spices, herbs and blends from around the world.  This dedicated spice station offers an extensive variety of organic herbs and spices, such as whole Cinnamon Quills from Sri Lanka, Vanilla Pods from Uganda, Smoked Paprika from Spain as well as readymade spice mix/ powders for different kind of cuisines, all the spice mixes are made fresh and are extremely fragrant.

For those of you, who need an introduction to Foodhall, it is a premium lifestyle food destination by Future Group. It targets the well-travelled urban Indian consumers who love to experiment with global cuisine and promises to expose customers to the finer nuances of food. Foodhall with its exhaustive range of offerings is a one-stop shop for those who love to cook and eat fine food. Currently Foodhall is present in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi (2 stores), Pune and Gurgaon.There are 6 Foodhall stores as of today.

Foodhall brings to our attending participants a set of six spices, that are organic, fairtrade and stone ground. The details of the spices are a secret as of now!

We can't wait to see the dishes you come up with using these spices, once you go back home. Don't forget to tag Foodhall and ASA Spices in your blogpost when you do use these spices :)

Twitter: @chefjayfoodhall