July 30, 2014

#IFBM2014 - Use the hashtag

(pardon the all caps, that's just our excitement talking)

What's an event without a hashtag, right??

The hashtag for the first Indian Food Bloggers' Meet is #IFBM2014 
In case you were wondering, is not case sensitive, so #ifbm2014 will work just fine too.

What do I do with this hashtag?
Don't forget to use this in ALL your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest updates around the event (pre-event, during the event, and post the event). You can post whatever update you choose to and just make sure #IFBM2014 features somewhere in that tweet / update.

What do I share?
Share your pics, your experiences, your little snippets from each session, your selfies with fellow bloggers and of course, the wow things you'll find in your goodie bag, the list is quite endless.

Share, share and share more on whatever social media platforms you are on. After all we want to make enough noise about our first all India Food Bloggers' Meet :)

So signing off for now, and we cannot wait to see you all on Friday morning at the #IFBM2014!!