July 10, 2014

Meet Our Sponsors - MyPref

We’ve all had to go through those moments when all we wanted to eat was that one particular dish, something as exotic as Vietnamese rice paper rolls or as mainstream as aloo ke parathe loaded with butter, but it had to be that and right then, but you don’t know where to go to satisfy that craving. You know what we’re talking about!

MyPref is trying to solve that problem. By employing dish search and dish reviews, MyPref tells you where to find what you’re looking to eat and where you get the best of its kind, based on user reviews.

Don’t brand MyPref as a craving moments app though, because it’s an app that essentially utilizes a dish-first restaurant/cuisine-second approach to address the same problems most food apps are trying to solve.

The difference is, with MyPref users can search for food (dishes), cuisines and restaurant names and types. Because consciously or subconsciously, food IS a primary driver of the place or kind of place you choose to go to.

MyPref believes in a simple “Find your food!”philosophy and if you do too, download the app (available on Android and iOS devices) now!

With a focus on food and reaching out to foodies, MyPref has generously come on board to help us with the event by sponsoring the entire Goodie Bag that you have already read about. Not only will you get the goodies inside the bag, but a smart shopping bag that you can save and reuse on your market visits. Thanks to MyPref!